Gossip girl serena and dan dating

Gossip girl serena and dan dating

Of course, the main reason why the relationship was so memorable onscreen was because Lively and Badgley ended up dating IRL, getting together in and dating for three years before finally ending things in But are Blake Wnd and Penn Badgley friends? Or did they simply let their relationship run its serena and gurl ago? Let's do some digging to see what we can uncover.

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After having met on set of Gossip Girl, Lively here Badgley tried to keep their relationship away from the public eye — so much so that when the two called it quits, they didn't even tell the cast and crew of the show. In a year anniversary interview with Vanity Fair inthe cast recounted just how private the two actors were.

Dan & Serena - 1x05 Clip 1

They kept it from everybody which is a testament to how good they are as actors. Because they did not want their personal dn to relate to the show. They wanted that, because then it fed their whole narrative.

Gossip girl serena and dan dating

People could buy into this world. While appearing on Watch What Happens Live back inBadgley revealed that Lively was both click here best and worst daj kiss. When a caller asked him to reveal who he enjoyed kissing the most on screen, and who he enjoyed kissing the least, his answer was surprisingly honest.

An arrogant high school student who stands to inherit a fortune discovers that in his grandfather's will there is a clause requiring him to here from a small high school in rural Kangwon Province. When asked if it was difficult to work with Lively after she married Ryan Reynolds, Badgley said that it wasn't, and they were "ultimately professional. Director : Lee Nam-hoon.

He said, We were constantly professional, to be honest, and we should both pat ourselves on the back because anything is complicated in that way To me, that sounds like both Lively and Badgley figured out gossi way to navigate the issue together, despite the fact that they were no longer together.

Let's be real, how many of you could marriage not dating ep 8 dramanice see your ex at work and remain calm, cool, and collected? I have to think that there was some camaraderie between the two actors to make this possible. When asked if it was difficult to work with Lively after she married Ryan Reynolds, Badgley said that it wasn't, and they were "ultimately professional.

We were very much caught up in the show, which itself was a six-year endurance test.

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Our relationship was a part of that and click us through it. I mean, like anything valuable, it was good and it xating bad and it was a learning experience. Sounds like they are totally cool with each other then, right?

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Maybe they are BFF's, after all? When asked check this out he bought Lively and Reynolds a wedding zerena, he shortly replied, "No I didn't. So where does learn more here leave here

Are they friends or are they not? To be quite frank, I can't say for sure whether these gossip girl serena and dan dating are friends, necessarily, but they are most certainly cordial with one another. It settles things once and amd all on where these two stand, and that's percent amicable.

While they won't be wearing friendship necklaces anytime click here, I'm OK with these two simply being respectfully cordial.


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